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At this point, Jess is mildly concerned… “Why couldn't he just e-mail me? What could this be all about? He said everything looked A-OK… and he should know.” She gets to the office and hears the phrase no one wants to hear. “You have tested positive for a sexually transmitted infection (STI).”

"The transition into this new phase of life is often met with mixed emotions. Fear and confusion can occupy the minds of even the most educated and well-prepared women."

"Compared to endometriosis, treatment of pure adenomyosis is simpler. Now this doesn't mean the treatment is necessarily easier or that the patients suffer less. It's just that adenomyosis is not widespread as in endometriosis, which can affect ovaries, tubes, bladder, bowel, lungs, belly button, kidneys, etc."

"IT is estimated that about half of all pregnancies worldwide are unplanned. So between me and you, one of us was likely unplanned.

Unplanned does not necessarily mean unwanted; in fact most women who have an unplanned pregnancy go on to have their baby and have a wonderful relationship with them."


"Although it's undoubtedly one of the most common complaints we see in office, many women have misconceptions about what exactly constitutes a normal period. In fact some doctors still struggle with the definitions because the definitions keep changing."

" has evolved leaps and bounds from its origins. Initially we thought that in order to see better and to do more complex surgeries, we had to make a bigger cut. However, just as with the cellphone, we have found that bigger is not always better, and minimally invasive surgery (MIS) is a testament to that."

"It robs affected women of money with its expensive treatment plans and time lost from work. It robs them of their freedom to enjoy life when it decides to flare, and often carries with it intense anxiety/depression from the lifelong nature of the disease."

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